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THE GLOBAL HOUMARD & CO. FOUNDATION, related to civil defense and humanitarian aid on foreign affairs level, announces the new logo of "THE GHCF"  • GLOBAL UNION related to the ICDO, ICDSCA SA, ICDA and the partner companies.


Our foundation name «THE GHCF» includes three main pillars: a solid national and international structure, a value-creating and human-oriented partnership lasting for generations related to civil protection with humanitarian needs through States around the World, by order of the ICDO. As an honor, one of the family names of the formally elected President H.E. F. Houmard was included in the name of the organization.

  •          G stands for Global

  •          HC stands for for Houmard & Co.

  •          F stands for Foundation

Our Foundation logo has been created based on our philosophy. Chess is a strategy board game, in which long-term positioning advantages are the keys to success. In chess, the knight is the most flexible figure. It symbolizes the basis of our flexible and customized solutions as well as our honest and solid values towards the World and its needs. The two branches of corn reflect and symbolize the mindset of social and humanity help— to bring in the harvest at home, to hold it, to multiply it and to give it out to people in need around the Globe. The two branches of oak surrounding the globe and the triangle reflect and symbolize the idea of perseverance, stability, strength and loyalty. The two branches of laurel around the globe reflect and symbolize the idea of healing, victory, special honour and remarkable successes. It is a symbol of our main focus to help people gaining back their lives through protection and/or humanitarian aid.


In this case; the President H.E. F. Houmard from the "THE GHCF", thanks to all for all the support and loyalty!

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