"Without safeness a human can neither develop his powers nor enjoy the fruit of them; For there without security there is no freedom. "

(Wilhelm of Humboldt, German savant and statesman 1767 - 1835)





«Build Solid Basis for Safety of States

and their People»          

Permanent Mission of THE GHCF • GLOBAL UNION to the Safety of States and their People.

«THE GHCF • GLOBAL UNION» and THE GLOBAL HOUMARD & CO. FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization) guarantees focused and qualified support customized for the missions of civil defence, civil citizens protection, disaster relief and humanitarian aid.


«THE GHCF • GLOBAL UNION» is an international non-profit organization officially and exclusively related to the ICDO and the MAINCONS GROUP LTD (SA|AG) and PARTNERS (New Members and/or Partners are appointed by the GHCF-ICDO Global Assembly Council).


The departments of the THE GHCF • GLOBAL UNION among others involve global innovations, ethical principles and supportive educative programs in intergovernmental missions. They do cooperate with governments in numerous different countries. «THE GHCF GU» has been established by order of the ICDO, whose mission is to protect population, property and the environment.


The Foundation represents a highly cosmopolitan community and is based in the well-known business center of Zug, Switzerland (THE GHCF GU is officially registered in the Register of the Swiss Federal Department for International Foundations).



All mankind lives in safe housings in safe places. Everyone in need will be helped with whatever it takes to survive. All victims of natural-, man-made disasters will be rescued.


All over the world, national civil defence structures are anticipating and foreseeing disasters. Plans for tackling them are in place.


Civil defence structures act as management, consulting and technical counsellor to States in the field of risk management. Emergency prevention and preparedness measures are integrated into the long-term social and economic development policies.

Civil defence has a global and forward-looking vision of the situations in which it is called upon to intervene.




To assist people in need and to help protect them from natural- and man-made disasters and to support them with humanitarian aid, education and this as well with innovation.


We help them with prevention, humanitarian aid, education and training to help prevent such events from happening or to mitigate their impacts. We support in every country the development of national civil defence structures and encourage cooperation and mutual solidarity between them.


Additionally, we support specific humanitarian projects. We are seeking innovative ways to achieve these goals, to protect financial donations and use them to maximum effect. We assure you that your donations will be completely integrated in projects to protect and help.




A place to be and stay whithout worries is human's freedom


THE GHCF • GLOBAL UNION Build Solid Basis for Safety of States and their People.

«THE GHCF • GLOBAL UNION» and THE GLOBAL HOUMARD & CO. FOUNDATION, a non-profit foundation-organization) guarantees focused and qualified support customized for the intergovernmental missions of civil defence, civil citizens protection and disaster, humanitarian aid, education and innovation to save lives.

On our intergovernmental mission we are also constantly in touch and communicate with and between countries and regions. This is why we hold on to our GHCF-ICDO & Partners’ access to the governments of more than 70 countries at the level of their Presidents/Prime Ministers, Cabinets and Ministries.


Accumulated international networks with top decision makers in various sectors such as Security, Education, Industry, Finance, Shipping, Communication and IT etc.

(New Members and/or Partners are appointed by the GHCF-ICDO Global Assembly Council)



THE GHCF •  GLOBAL UNION Symbols designed for the identity of the Mission


Our Organization name «THE GHCF • GLOBAL UNION» includes three main pillars: a solid national and international structure, a value-creating and human-oriented partnership lasting for generations related to civil protection with humanitarian needs through States around the World, by order of the ICDO. As an honor, one of the family names of the formally elected President was included in the name of the organization.

  • G stands for Global

  • HC stands for Houmard & Co.

  • F stands for Foundation

  • GU stands for Global Union


Our Foundation logo has been created based on our philosophy.


Chess is a strategy board game, in which long-term positioning advantages are the keys to success. In chess, the knight is the most flexible figure. It symbolizes the basis of our flexible and customized solutions as well as our honest and solid values towards the World and its needs.

The two branches of corn reflect and symbolize the mindset of social and humanity help— to bring in the harvest at home, to hold it, to multiply it and to give it out to people in need around the Globe.


The two branches of oak surrounding the globe and the triangle reflect and symbolize the idea of perseverance, stability, strength and loyalty.


The two branches of laurel around the globe reflect and symbolize the idea of healing, victory, special honour and remarkable successes. It is a symbol of our main focus to help people gaining back their lives through protection and/or humanitarian aid.